Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests

  • Knowledge management 

  • Learning culture 

  • Story as a learning mechanism 

  • Organizational and employee effectiveness 

  • Hiring and onboarding

  • Remote teams 

  • Creativity and innovation


Master of Education, Instructional Design and Technology,

University of Oklahoma, 2019

Graduate Certificate, Applications of Ed. Research and Evaluation

University of Oklahoma, 2019


Bachelor of Arts, Journalism

Minor, Mathematics

University of Oklahoma, 2003


Organizational Learning and Communications Consultant

East Marlow Enterprise Knowledge Management

Technical Communications Consultant

Spencer Spirit Holdings, Inc.

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Oklahoma College of Education

Graduate Research Assistant, Writer and Editor

K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal

University of Oklahoma

Instructional Design Intern

Power Costs, Inc. (PCI)

Senior Systems Analyst, Technical Writer

Caesars Entertainment

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Stockton University

Technical Writing Consultant

Campbell Soup Company

Technical Writer, Editing Specialist

Epic Systems Corporation

Athletics Media Relations Student Assistant

University of Oklahoma


Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt

Scrum Developer

EpicCare Ambulatory, EpicCare Inpatient, Cadence, Prelude, HOD (2012)

Course Design and Development

Mi9/POPS Purchase Order Software (F2F)


Owning a Deliverable (F2F)

K20 Creativity Cohort (Hybrid)

Cross-Location Teams (E-Learning)

Intro to Logic (E-Learning)

Email Etiquette (E-Learning) 


Optiva Training Guides: Printed guides designed to accompany a three-day in-person training course. Three different versions of the workbook were developed, for three different job roles. The redesigned guides were designed to be efficient and user-focused and were 1/10 the length of those they replaced..  


eCommerce Administration User's Guide: Configuration guide that accompanied an eCommerce product management system. The guide was updated weekly to coincide with the software's Agile release cycle. 


SmartForms Task List: This deliverable was designed as the result of a war room where SMEs and product owners/stakeholders gathered to vet options and address customer needs related to SmartForm build and configuration. Some basic SmartForms setup was common across product areas, while some was quite specific for a given product. The solution was to develop a task list in Excel that included a tab for each type of SmartForm in checklist format with links to setup guides for step-by-step setup instructions. This solution facilitated information sharing while simultaneously addressing the need for customers to track the detailed setup needed for each type of SmartForm. 


Kaleidoscope Ophthalmology Documentation Set: Developed based on a needs analysis to accompany the release of a new software product. Included setup guides, online help, and physician job aids. 

Physician's Guide: Arose from a need that was identified for physicians to have more detailed guidance and better support in their use of EpicCare Ambulatory software. Developed in collaboration with Epic staff physicians. Included realistic scenarios in order to establish credibility and buy-in. 


What's New Videos: Short, interactive videos created using Adobe Captivate with the intention of sparking physician interest in relevant new Epic software features. 


TREK Quick Start Guide: Designed for internal K20 Center staff to provide introductory steps for scheduling and managing professional development participants in the TREK web application. 


MLC Website: Created for an organization that previously did not have a web presence. Incorporated a mix of static information and dynamic content. 


Web Channel Services SharePoint: New SharePoint site designed to make internal documentation and process information more readily available to Caesars Web Channel Services development team members. The site was piloted and then refined based on feedback from the team.  


Report Repository: Arose from customer need for a one-stop location to find available reports. Included metadata to aid in searching and a standardized content model to help individual users find the most relevant information for their needs. 


Epic Glossary: The need for a Glossary arose out of a software translation project, but the scope was increased to simultaneously address several additional functions, including glossary appendices in training manuals, pop-up definitions within online help, and inclusion in search results on the company intranet site. The glossary contains more than 5,000 terms.  


Setup and Support Guides: Transition from the old Administrator Guide/User Guide paradigm into a new guide structure and content model. The new model was intended to limit the information to only that which was needed for the customer analyst audience and remove any user information (which was moved into new training deliverables). It also shifted the emphasis away from screen-by-screen descriptions in favor of actionable, modular, topic-based procedures.  


IDT Alumni Report: OU practicum project that employed research and interviews with alumni and faculty to develop a marketing plan for the Instructional Design and Technology program.  


Iron Sharpens Iron: Created by a physician who tried to encourage his peers to more proactively adopt features of an EMR. Designed to draw interest and showcase features that might be of interest to a physician audience. 

LEARN Lessons: Developed by K20 Center staff and K-12 teachers from across the state of Oklahoma. 

GEAR UP Proposals: Three successful proposals submitted to the U. S. Department of Education that obtained $68 million in funding for the K20 Center over seven years. 


Society for Technical Communication

Philadelphia Metro Chapter

South Jersey Networking Group


ACES, The Society for Editors

Golden Key National Honor Society


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