Instructional Design

Closing the Gap.png

Description: A baseball-themed guided exploration of topics relating to the dynamics of remote working teams. Intended to help such teams learn to collaborate more effectively.

Audience: Cohorts of dispersed work teams

Design Methodology: Nine Events of Instruction

Delivery Method: Online asynchronous cohort model

Tools Used: Google Sites, Pinterest, 

Other Features: Myers-Briggs personality test


Description: Online module that helps learners connect basic logic principles to their past experience and apply those principles to their current work.

Audience: Technical writers at Epic Systems Corporation

Delivery Method: Online asynchronous

Tools Used: Interactive .pdf built using Adobe InDesign

Access Code: boshykn

Description: A hybrid-model experience that helps learners explore their creativity and apply that to the creation of multimedia presentations for their courses.

Audience: Cohorts of K20 Center instructional designers

Design Methodology: Constructivist, 5E

Delivery Method: Hybrid of synchronous in-classroom activities and asynchronous online activities

Tools Used: Google Classroom, Google Docs, Padlet

Other Features: Gamification elements including badging, digital storytelling) 


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